WebCrypto GOST Class: AuthenticatedSafe

GostASN1. AuthenticatedSafe


new AuthenticatedSafe()

The AuthenticatedSafe

Each compliant platform shall be able to import and export AuthenticatedSafe PDUs wrapped in PFX PDUs.
For integrity, the AuthenticatedSafe is either signed (if public-key integrity mode is used) or MACed (if password integrity mode is used) to produce a PFX PDU.
     AuthenticatedSafe ::= SEQUENCE OF ContentInfo

     -- Data if unencrypted
     -- EncryptedData if password-encrypted
     -- EnvelopedData if public key-encrypted
As mentioned, the contentType field of authSafe shall be of type data or signedData. The content field of the authSafe shall, either directly (data case) or indirectly (signedData case), contain a BER- encoded value of type AuthenticatedSafe.

See GostASN1.ContentInfo and GostASN1.PFX

RFC 7292 references http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7292