WebCrypto GOST Class: Key



new Key(type, extractable, algorithm, usages)

The Key object represents an opaque reference to keying material that is managed by the user agent.
This specification provides a uniform interface for many different kinds of keying material managed by the user agent. This may include keys that have been generated by the user agent, derived from other keys by the user agent, imported to the user agent through user actions or using this API, pre-provisioned within software or hardware to which the user agent has access or made available to the user agent in other ways. The term key refers broadly to any keying material including actual keys for cryptographic operations and secret values obtained within key derivation or exchange operations.
The Key object is not required to directly interface with the underlying key storage mechanism, and may instead simply be a reference for the user agent to understand how to obtain the keying material when needed, eg. when performing a cryptographic operation.
 interface Key {
     readonly attribute KeyType type;
     readonly attribute boolean extractable;
     readonly attribute KeyAlgorithm algorithm;
     readonly attribute KeyUsages usages;
WebCrypto API reference http://www.w3.org/TR/WebCryptoAPI/#key-interface
Name Type Description
type KeyType The type of a key. The recognized key type values are "public", "private" and "secret".
extractable boolean Whether or not the raw keying material may be exported by the application.
algorithm KeyAlgorithm The Algorithm used to generate the key.
usages KeyUsages Key usage array: type of operation that may be performed using a key.